November 7, 2012


Happy and groovin' in the streets of Berlin this morning! 

The lady at the German bakery promised me a glass of champagne today if Obama won.

Love this photo too.

Moving forward and sending hugs to all!


p.s. - Of course, everyone is entitled to their own political opinions and I welcome all your comments and thoughts. xo


Vickie said...

dancing here on the Oregon coast - oppa oBama style !

Lynn said...


Carmen said...

Yes, excited her in Swindon, England too.

annton beate Schmidt said...

yeah, berlin loves obama. that's why I've seen quite a number of smiling faces passing my studio windows. four more years!

Barbara * Tante B said...

oh yes what a relieve!!! He may not able to do miracles, but I think he´s doing the best he can! And better 4 years more to continue the work he started! hugs to you and enjoy your glass of champagne!

Rita said...

Enjoy your champagne! :)

Reba said...

Yes, it's great seeing our veterans and seniors paying the price for our govt's wasteful spending. WTG Obamas, enjoy your fancy vacations while we suffer. I guess the American people didn't want the jobs Romney would create. With more poverty we can all be socialists! Yippee! I doubt you will print this comment, being so liberal and all.

stephanie levy said...

Thanks for all your comments - and of course every single person is entitled to their opinion :) xo

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