Creative Courageous Year E-Course : Celebrate the Seasons

Creative Courageous Autumn + Holiday 
Online Classes

Imagine spending the next months...
  • making art
  • exploring nature
  • preparing delicious seasonal foods
  • reading inspiring books
  • creating mixed media art journals
  • going on outdoor walks
  • visiting German Christmas + Holiday markets with me
  • learning about holiday traditions from around the world
  • connecting with supportive, international friends
  • feeling more energized, motivated, and creative than ever before
"This is not the first time I've taken one of Stephanie's courses and I for one highly recommend them. The material is always really interesting, inspiring and well planned out. Stephanie is just amazing, she gets really involved in her courses on a personal level and is clearly committed to making the experience a really enjoyable one for everyone. Every course I've taken has been a little journey of discovery." Rachel, France/UK
Are you ready to get creative with us this Autumn + Holiday Season?
In our unique Autumn + Holiday Seasonal Online Classes, we'll be:
  • creating DIY and mixed media art + craft projects 
  • enjoying a weekly selection of 5 delicious, seasonal recipes
  • capturing the signs of the changing seasons in our outdoor photography walks
  • having fun with art journaling exercises
  • getting inspired by weekly guest artist interviews
  • feeling encouraged to expand our creativity with Monday videos 
  • selecting a seasonal list of book recommendations 
  • learning about seasonal + holiday traditions from around the world
  • connecting with our international group of  friends
AND - as an extra bonus I'll be taking you on a tour of some of Berlin's best Christmas markets during our Holiday session :) We'll bake cookies, make decorations and cards, and celebrate our multi-cultural holiday traditions together!
You are warmly invited to join our friendly international community to make your Autumn + Holiday Seasons more meaningful and magical this year.

"I am thoroughly enjoying the Creative Courageous Year course! Stephanie is full of fabulous and inspiring ideas for walks, crafts, recipes, journaling and reading to keep our creative juices flowing. Connecting with the worldwide community of wonderful and like-minded women is so delightful. This is exactly the gift I needed to give myself right now." Jobina, Germany/Canada
Creative Courageous Autumn + Holiday are unique, one of a kind, seasonally based online courses to help you discover and celebrate your own creative daily life this year.

As we make yummy food and fun arts + crafts projects together, you'll relax and enjoy the remaining months of 2014 all the more. You can also share our DIY projects + recipes with your children, your mom, your sister, or a group of creative friends!

Right now, I have a special package offer for both the Autumn + Holiday Sessions (2 x 5 week creative classes) for only $99 - or less than $10 per week.

You'll get fresh daily inspiration delivered to your inbox, Monday-Friday, including my seasonal recipes, guest interviews, fun DIY + crafty projects, photo and journal prompts, and personal Monday videos to inspire + encourage.

Sign up today and join us for 2 Seasons of beautiful, delicious, creative adventures!
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"This is such a lovely place: make yourself comfortable, treat yourself to a delicious cup of tea or coffee and breathe in all the beauty and inspiration at your own pace... Just one little note: Stephanie's courses are addictive and so is this feast for the eyes and the (other) senses!" - Elke, Belgium

Creative Courageous Autumn + Holiday FAQ:

I've taken your creative courses before. Will there be anything new for me?

All material for the Creative Courageous Autumn + Holiday Sessions is freshly prepared for each season, and exclusive to this course.

I love creating tutorials for mixed media art projects, sharing my favorite seasonal recipes, guest artist interviews, and more. I've been collecting recipes + DIY ideas since I was 10 years old, and I have many exciting new projects to share with you.

This is a unique, one time offering for 2014, and I'd be delighted for you to join us in this celebratory adventure.

"I have gotten so much out of Stephanie's classes. It has introduced me to many creative people from around the world as well as given me more confidence to pursue my art. I highly recommend this to anyone interested in expanding and growing their creative vision." Brooke, USA 
How do the Creative Courageous Autumn + Holiday classes work?

Our next 2 Seasonal Session Classes are scheduled as follows:
  • Autumn - September 15 - October 17
  • Holiday - November 10 - December 12
There are no deadlines in this course, and all materials will remain online throughout the year.
You are welcome to join us at any time!

During our Seasonal Sessions, you'll be offered an exquisite selection of daily seasonal DIY and mixed media art + craft projects that are fun and simple to do, using everyday and natural materials to get gorgeous results.

"I wasn't having a lot of success just thinking 'I should make time to go do such-and-such' and having the little push of CCY well, it was almost like I had permission to go look at things, and play with my pencils and paper. Now, I won't need the permission, but have come to love and value this community for its own sake." Kathleen, USA
Our weekly fresh recipe collection includes 5 seasonal treats.

Each week, we'll enjoy a tempting 5 course menu featuring an appetizer, soup, salad, main dish, and a dessert. The focus will be on using healthy fresh vegetables, fruits, and seasonal produce.

The vast majority of my recipes are vegetarian, and there will always be vegetarian alternatives.

"I am loving CCY so far! The recipes, the community, just everything is wonderful! Thank you so much for putting this together!"  Michelle, USA
Themed outdoor walks are a lovely part of our seasonal sessions + a wonderful opportunity to notice and capture the signs of the changing seasons.

The photos made on our outdoor walks have been a real hit, as participants from around the world have shared their photos in our private Facebook group.

Imagine seeing the Autumn and Holiday seasons this year through the eyes of participants in Portugal, Sweden, Belgium, France, Germany, Canada, the US (and our country list goes on and on!)

My weekly, personal videos are there to encourage and motivate you throughout our course, and our exclusive guest artist interviews will inspire your work and life.

"The feedback and inspiration from the group is absolutely amazing. I hope to meet some of these talented women in person someday, because it has given me such a sense of community that I have been missing. The artist interviews provide valuable information from women that have pursued their dream and are now affecting others in such a positive manner."  Rendell, Canada
Who will be featured in the guest interviews during the Autumn Session?

Our upcoming guest interviews this session are very international this session and will feature:

Cynthia Morris - author and creativity/writing coach based in Colorado, USA, who has been touring Europe this summer and creating a beautiful, illustrated travel journal (yes, she came to Berlin!)

Ayda Algin - blogger, photographer, crafter, and creator of the gorgeous Cafe NoHut blog based in Istanbul, Turkey

Meike Peters - Berlin + Malta based food writer, photographer, and creator of the delicious, lovely eat in my kitchen blog - oh yum!

Juliane Strittmatter - professional doll maker, creator of the Fröken Skicklig blog, a native Berlinerin, now living in a lovely village in Southern Sweden

Judit Wild - Hungarian jewelry maker from Budapest, designer, and creator of the Vadjutka jewelry line + blog

I'm delighted to hear more from these creative ladies and learn about their seasonal projects and traditions from around the world.

Our 5 additional international guest interviews for the Holiday Session will be announced very soon! xo
What if I am on vacation or out of town during a session?

No problem at all! My course material is always "do at your own pace," there are no deadlines or homework, and you will have plenty of time to catch up during the breaks between our session blocks. You can access the course 24/7 at all times.

"Through fun activities and exercises Stephanie helps you to get rid of old feelings of insecurity and encourages you to find out how to combine following your creative dreams with all other things going on in a busy life." Koosje, Netherlands
Is there homework? Do I have to complete all of the tutorials?

No, there is no homework and there are no grades in my classes (thank goodness!) 

My courses are a positive, encouraging, safe place for you to feel free to experiment and try out new things without criticism.

The hands-on tutorials in my courses are provided for you as a visual project inspiration buffetYou are free to pick and choose the recipes and projects that most interest you.

Our course material will remain online for the entire year after it is posted to give you extra time to catch up and review. I know what it's like to juggle a busy schedule.
Do I need to be an artist / a great cook / an amateur Martha Stewart to participate?

No, absolutely not! Anyone interested in celebrating the seasons and daily creativity is welcome to join and will enjoy this course.

All of my step by step DIY, art tutorials, and recipes are easy to follow, beautifully photographed, and require no previous experience. 

"I love Stephanie's Creative Courage e-course. I've participated in three of her courses and each time I've learned something new and exciting. Stephanie is inspiring, supportive, and a wealth of information. Her videos are warm and encouraging; the projects are fun; and the interviews are fabulous. I can't sing Stephanie's praises enough!"  EllenUSA
But I live in the US, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, South Africa, Asia, South America...

Wonderful! You are warmly welcomed to join us. So far I've had course participants from over 50 countries, and the international aspect is something I love about offering my courses online!

I can't wait to hear about your country's seasons and traditions! I find intercultural exchange one of the most fascinating aspects of coming together in our global creative community.

Through sharing and exchanging our recipes, crafts, and holiday traditions from all over the world, this course has become a valuable multicultural experience for all participants.

I love our worldwide creative community, and you are most welcome to join us.

"Stephanie is a lovely approachable and supportive presence throughout, always ready to answer your questions and help you further your creative endeavors. The interviews with visiting (successful) artists are inspiring and encouraging (it's always fun to hear the 'behind the scenes' story)."  Helen, New Zealand/USA
How will I be able to connect with other course participants?

Our Creative Courageous Year website is private and password protected so that you can share your comments, links, and suggestions exclusively with our course community.

We will also have a private Facebook group and seasonal Pinterest boards to share our creative projects with one another. The Facebook groups for my courses are very lively, active, and supportive! Many participants have established real creative connections and friendships - and continue to stay in touch both online and in person.

"I whole-heartedly recommend this course to any artist, or creative soul, whether they are creating work or not. It is a truly motivating course and I have enjoyed every moment. Stephanie's course has been an extremely informative, fun and soul searching experience. 

It has given me the opportunity to be part of a wonderfully supportive community of like-minded people. I have met so many interesting artists from all over the globe, all of whom have happily extended the hand of friendship to support and encourage each other in their artistic endeavours. Thank you Stephanie for this opportunity, it has been life-changing!" Denise, UK
What will we be doing during our Creative Courageous Year?

Creative Courageous Year is a very sensory + holistic course, and we'll be making, baking, tasting, seeing, smelling, touching, walking, writing, reading, sketching, observing, painting, decorating, photographing, experimenting, capturing - and much more!

"Creative Courage is billed as finding, following, and realizing your creative dreams but it's really an adventure for your whole being. Guest interviews and travelogues illuminate and enlighten while exercises for your mind, body and heart gently challenge individuals to move forward into action which applies to anyone at any stage of life, says this mom of four." Vanessa, USA
What do I need for the course?

All you need is a small journal, and perhaps a simple camera or a smart phone to take photographs.
Access to a computer with an Internet connection.

The main thing we need is you :)

What do former participants have to say about your past creative courses?

"It has been such a wonderful course. I have grown so much in this past seven weeks. I honestly cannot believe the changes I feel inside myself as a direct result of your words, exercises and interviews! I have made many wonderful connections and developed friendships with other creative soul sisters, which I am so grateful for! 

It has been the best money I have ever spent. I thank you, Stephanie, from the bottom of my courageous heart!" Kristen, USA
"The opportunity to learn so much from and get in contact with so much other creative people all over the world is something I was and still am very happy with. The course is full of practical and inspirational information and I would recommend anyone to take this course." Esther, Netherlands 

Read more feedback from former course participants here.
What will I get from the Creative Courageous Autumn + Holiday online classes?
  • access to our international Creative Courageous Year community for 2014 + beyond
  • 50 + delicious, seasonal, healthy recipes
  • easy to follow, fun weekly DIY project tutorials
  • encouraging personal videos for motivation and connection each week
  • weekly guest artist + designer interviews for fresh ideas and insights
  • energizing, themed nature walks to notice, photograph, sketch, and capture seasonal changes
  • visual journaling exercises to document your creative projects all year long
  • a seasonal list of book recommendations and favorites + much more
Any further questions?

Please don't hesitate to contact me at

"Stephanie, thanks for your inspiring work. I love how much you love doing and preparing this course, that's what makes it so special I think." - Konstanze, Germany
If Creative Courageous Autumn + Holiday sounds like a rich, rewarding experience for you, I hope you'll sign up today.

This is a unique opportunity to join from all over the world and celebrate our autumn + holiday seasons.
Creative Courageous Autumn + Holiday is the most exciting project I've worked on in a long while  - a true labor of love - and I can't wait to share it all with you.

Right now, I'm offering a special package price of only $99 - for 10 weeks of creativity. 

You'll receive both 5 week Autumn + Holiday Seasonal Online Classes for less than $10 per week + you'll have unlimited access to our private Creative Courageous Year Community.

Simply click on the "add to cart" button below to sign up for Creative Courageous Autumn + Holiday, and you will be redirected to PayPal where you can complete your registration.
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Sunny greetings from Berlin + I look forward to making, baking, and creating with you in class!

p.s. - To stay informed about my future courses + get Early Bird registration discounts, be sure to sign up for my newsletter here. 

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